Commercial Banks’ Asset Growth in 2015: The Slowest Since 2006

According to the Central Bank of Lebanon, the assets of commercial banks grew by a yearly 5.86% to $185.99B in 2015.

Claims on the resident private sector increased by a yearly 5.90% to $48.05B and claims on the non-resident private sector deposits grew by a yearly 11.71% to $6.18B in 2015.

Lebanese banks’ exposure to Eurobonds rose by an annual 8.18% to $17.65B while their subscription to Treasury bills in Lebanese pounds declined by a yearly 4.18% to $20.06B.

On the liabilities side, resident private sector deposits grew by 4.9% y-o-y from $114.12B in 2014 to $119.73B while non-resident private sector deposits grew by 5.14% from $30.30B in 2014 to $31.86B in 2015. The dollarization ratio of private sector deposits fell from 65.71% in 2014 to 64.88% in 2015.

Commercial Banks’ Assets, In $M


Source: Central Bank of Lebanon


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