Weak Demand for the Short and Long term Lebanese Eurobonds Yesterday

The BLOM Bond Index (BBI) fell by 0.03% to 103.55 points on Thursday as demand for short and long term Lebanese Eurobonds decreased.

 The yield on the 5Y Lebanese Eurobonds remained unchanged at 6.26%, while that of the 10Y Lebanese Eurobonds gained 1 basis point (bp) to 6.78%.

 As the yield for the 5Y US treasuries went down by 2 bps yesterday, the spread between the 5Y yield on the Lebanese Eurobonds and that of their US counterparts widened by 2 bps to 487 bps.

 Lebanon’s 5Y Credit Default Swaps (CDS) narrowed from their previous bid-ask range of 454-474 bps to 452-472 bps.







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