Negative Performance on the Lebanese Bourse Today

The Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) witnessed a negative performance on Tuesday as the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) decreased by 0.16% to 1,155.72 points following the trade of 241,297 shares worth $796,121. In fact, today’s traded volume more than doubled compared to the previous session as it was boosted by the trade of 200,000 Byblos common shares.

In the banking sector, the GDRs of BLOM increased by 0.39% to $10.29, while the listed shares of BLOM traded without any change in price. Also, Byblos preferred 09 shares added 0.10% to $100.20, while the listed shares of Bank of Beirut and Byblos dropped by 0.21% and 1.21% to $18.76 and $1.63, respectively.

In the real estate sector, Solidere “A” and “B” lost 0.30% and 0.61% to $9.90 and $9.74, respectively.

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