BdL’s Total Assets Slip by 0.49% YTD in April 2017

 The central bank’s balance sheet revealed a 0.49% year-to-date (YTD) downtick in total assets to $101.82B in April 2017 on the back of declining foreign assets and securities’ portfolio. In details, Foreign assets (constituting 39% of BdL’s total assets) dropped by 3.55% since December 2016 to $39.26B, while the Securities’ portfolio (24% of total assets) fell by 6.23% year-to-date (YTD) to $24.23B. Similarly, loans to the local financial sector (6% of total assets) fell 8.07% in April 2017 to reach $5.88B. However, gold assets maintained their upward trend as they hit $11.69B, rising by 9.15% over the same period.

On the liabilities side, financial sector deposits grasping an 80% stake of total liabilities slipped 3.6% YTD to $81.14B, while Public sector deposits (6.3% of total liabilities) edged up by 16.18% to reach $6.41B in April 2017.

Key Accounts in BDL’s Balance Sheet in April (in $B)


Source: BdL

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