Total BDL Assets increased during the first half of 2017 to $105.18B

According to the balance sheet of Banque du Liban (BdL), total Assets went up from $102.32B in December 2016 to $105.18B by June 2017.

In details, Foreign Assets (constituting 39.06% of total BDL Assets) increased by 0.93% year-to-date (y-t-d) to stand at $41.09B and Securities’ Portfolio (23.92% of total Assets)  went down by 2.61% y-t-d to $25.17B . Gold (10.91% of total assets) increased by 7.21% y-t-d to reach $11.48B while Loans to Local Financial Sector (5.29%) dropped by 13.02% y-t-d to $5.57B.

On the liabilities side, Financial Sector Deposits (constituting 80.34% of total BdL Liabilities) slightly increased by 0.41% y-t-d to settle at $84.5B. Currency in Circulation Outside BDL went up by 2.83% y-t-d and Public Sector Deposits increased by 5.92% y-t-d to reach $3.61B and $5.84B respectively.

BdL’s Foreign Assets by June 2017 ($B)





Source: BdL



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