World Bank Report: Jobs for North Lebanon

The World Bank recently released a report entitled “Jobs for North Lebanon” in which it discusses the labor market in “fragile and conflict-affected” regions of Lebanon.  According to the World Bank, their study draws a portrait of the investment climate and labor dynamics in North Lebanon, conducts a value chain analysis of certain sectors and offers suggestions that would boost competitiveness and job creation.

The North has been dealing with political and social instability along with high poverty and the influx of a large number of refugees. The poverty rate of 36% well exceeds the national average of 27%. The North including Tripoli has also been suffering from the fragility of its labor market and public services due to the influx of a large number of Syrian refugees that now amounts to more than 1.5 million individuals or a quarter of the Lebanese population spread across the country and up to 29% or 445,000 individuals housed in Tripoli alone. These challenges extend beyond the borders of the North and are present, on a different scale, on the entire Lebanese territory; it is for that reason that lessons drawn from the assessment in the North can serve as a roadmap for addressing the nation’s labor challenges.

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