AROPE Insurance Ranks 2nd in Profit among Lebanese Insurance Companies in 2016

Al Bayan Magazine recently published the 2016 rankings of 379 MENA Insurance companies. The companies’ rankings are based on shareholders’ equity, net profits, written premiums, and total assets. In fact, with more than 50 insurance companies operating in the Lebanese market, more than 10 Lebanese insurance companies ranked among the top in the region, with AROPE taking the lead in several sections.

 In terms of shareholders equity, AROPE ranked 40th in the region and 1st in Lebanon with $121.14M, much ahead of ARABIA, which ranked 2nd with $90.23M. Similarly, AROPE ranked 25th in the MENA and 2nd in Lebanon, with net profits amounting to $20.49M.  As for written premiums, AROPE ranked 58th in the MENA, and 5th in Lebanon, with $117.16M, following ARABIA, ALLIANZ SNA, METLIFE ALICO, and Bankers. AROPE’s total assets, of $382.86M, stood in 6th place in Lebanon.

AROPE Insurance Ranking in MENA and Lebanon

SectionMENA Rank Lebanon RankValue ($M)
Shareholders’ Equity401121.14
Written Premiums585117.16

Source: Al Bayan Magazine

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