The Number of Airport Passengers Maintained Record Highs: 7.02M passengers recorded by Oct. 2017

Since the end of Summer 2017 through October of the year, the activity at the Rafic Hariri International Airport has witnessed substantial growth. The positive developments on the political scene including plans for passing a budget for the first time in 12 years reflected optimism and stability, which encouraged visitors into the country.

In fact, the total number of passengers went up by an annual 6.95% to stand at 7.02M by Oct. 2017. In details, the number of arrivals to Lebanon rose by 8.87% year-on-year (y-o-y) to reach 3.5M by September 2017. Over the same period, departures registered a 5.38% annual uptick to 3.5M.

Meanwhile, the number of transit passengers plunged from 12,775 passengers by October 2016 to 4,241 passengers by October this year.


Total Number of Passengers by October (in millions)


Source: Rafic Hariri International Airport

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