The Value of Kafalat Guarantees down by February 2018

According to Kafalat, the number of issued loan guarantees stood at 75 guarantees by February 2018, compared to 96 guarantees issued in the same period last year. The overall value of the guarantees also contracted from $11.66M in the first two months of 2017 to $10.25M by February 2018.

By February, the top three beneficiaries of Kafalat guarantees were the industrial, agricultural, and tourism sectors, as each grasped 48.65%, 31.08%, and 17.57%, respectively of total guarantees.

The number of Kafalat guarantees granted for the industrial sector rose from 26 guarantees by February 2017 to 36 guarantees by February 2018 while the number of guarantees for the agricultural and tourism sectors decreased from 45 and 17 in the first two months of 2017 to 23 and 13 in the first two months of 2018, respectively. 

Moreover, the geographical allocation of Kafalat loans in the beginning of 2018 revealed that the region receiving the largest number of guarantees was the Mount Lebanon region with a share of 48.65% of total guarantees followed by shares of 13.51% for the Bekaa region and 10.89% for Beirut.

In the region of Mount Lebanon, the number of guarantees dropped from 44 by February 2017 to 36 by February 2018 while the guarantees granted in the Bekaa region also dropped from 23 to 10 over the same period. Only one additional guarantee was granted in Beirut, bringing the total number for that region to 8.

Value and Number of Kafalat Guarantees Issued by February of each year (in $M)

3ablaSource: Kafalat

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