Bank Audi: Ordinary General Assembly Convened on Apr. 10th & Declared Gross Dividends

The ordinary General Assembly of Bank Audi’s shareholders convened on April 10th as scheduled and announced the details of the gross distribution of dividends as per the below. 

Dividends will be paid (after deduction of taxes) starting April 16, 2018 to holders of common shares, where the record date with Midclear S.a.l (the central depository) is April 13, 2018.

Gross Dividends (in $M)Dividend per share
Audi Preferred  “G”96
Audi Preferred “H”4.8756.5
Audi Preferred

“(I) “

Audi Preferred

“(J) “

Audi Common Shares331.4829.125

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange, Bank Audi.


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