Number of Construction Permits fell to 2,316 by February 2018

According to the Orders of Engineers in Beirut and Tripoli, the number of construction permits fell by a yearly 6.58% to reach 2,316 by February 2018. The Construction Area Authorized by Permits (CAP) also dropped by an annual 6.53% to 1.77 million square meters (sqm).

The region where the biggest portion of permits was allocated was Mount Lebanon with 874 construction permits by February 2018 compared to 943 construction permits by February 2017. 451 permits were allocated in the region of South Lebanon in the first two months of 2018 compared to 405 in the same period in 2017. In Beirut, the number of construction permits grew from 103 to 110, while that of Nabatiye witnessed a 4% yearly drop to 310, by February 2018.

In the North, the number of permits plunged by an annual 29.25% to 341 by February 2018 with the CAP falling by 6.09% to 356,192 sqm in 2018.

Number of Construction Permits by February


Source: Orders of Engineers in Beirut & Tripoli


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