Number of Total Registered Cars Contracted by 7.01% in Q1 2018

According to the Association of Lebanese Car Importers (AIA), the number of newly registered commercial and passenger cars fell in the first quarter of 2018 by 7.01% year-on-year (y-o-y) to 8,136 cars. This was triggered by a 5.83% annual drop in the number of newly registered passenger cars to 7,645, which was outpaced by a 22.19% yearly contraction in the number of newly registered commercial vehicles to 491.

The AIA emphasizes that, “This situation is due to the dramatic economical, political and safety situation prevailing in the country. 90% of the registered cars are small cars with low selling prices (less than $15,000) […] due to the absence of an adapted and structured public transport.”

In terms of brands, Kia maintained its grip on the market, as it held the largest share of the total newly registered cars (18.01%), followed by a 13.26% stake for Hyundai. Toyota followed, grasping 13.11% of the newly registered cars, while Nissan came next with 9.76% of the total.

In terms of sales per importer, NATCO acquired the biggest bulk with a 17.04% stake of the total, followed by BUMC (13.35%), and Century Motors (12.81%).

Breakdown of Passenger and Commercial Cars in Q1qq

Source: AIA

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