Lebanese Customs’ Offices Witness a Slowdown by April 2018

According to the Lebanese Customs, total imports’ value dropped by a yearly 3.63% to $6.37B by May 2018, and exports’ value escalated from $965.29M to $1.07B. In details, the breakdown of transported goods by customs’ office revealed that Port of Beirut (PoB) ranked first with $5.01B of value of total goods traded, followed by Rafic Hariri Airport, with $1.72B, and Port of Tripoli with $519.78M. As for other customs’ offices, trade activity was very low as they are located close to the Syrian Borders.

Customs Offices Total Traded Values by April

20182017Yearly Change (%)
Abboudieh7,240          11,439-36.7%
Arida16,197          73,967-78.1%
Masnaa65,770          64,8521.4%
Port Of Beirut5,010,008    5,204,460-3.7%
Rafic Hariri Airport1,720,787    1,540,74511.7%
Saida99,079        146,260-32.3%
Tripoli519,784        529,079-1.8%
Tyre5,175            8,115-36.2%

Source: Lebanese Customs


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