Holcim announces the distribution of dividends


The Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018 decided to distribute the dividends of 2017 as of the 30th of July at a rate of LBP 3,870 ($2.56) net per share (a dividend yield of 16.89%) , as follows:

  • Shareholders will receive their dividends through “MIDCLEAR”.
  • The record date of the beneficiaries is on the 23rd of July 2018 and the Ex-dividend date is on the 19th of July 2018.
  • In order to receive their dividends, shareholders should exchange their shares for nominal shares as of the 3rd of November 2018.

To note that:

Holcim’s profit declined from $49.22M by end of 2016 to $43.29M by end of 2017(a yearly decrease of 12.04%).  

Furthermore, 41% of its profits are destined to be distributed as dividends.

HOLCIM Share Price on the Beirut Stock Exchange($)

Holcim announces the distribution of dividends

   Source: Reuters, Beirut Stock Exchange


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