Lebanon’s Balance of Payments Registered a $757.2M Deficit by July 2018

According to the Central Bank of Lebanon, Lebanon’s Balance of Payments (BoP) witnessed a deficit of $757.2M by July 2018 compared to $1.01B deficit recorded during the same period in 2017. In details, the Net Foreign Assets (NFA) of BDL rose by $2.46B while those of commercial banks slipped by $3.22B by June 2018

Moreover, the BoP recorded a monthly deficit of $548.9M in July 2018 alone, compared to  a surplus of $100.2M in July 2018.  In fact, the NFAs of BDL recorded an increase of  $258.5M, while the commercial banks’ NFAs declined by $807.3M in July  2018.

Balance of Payments (BoP) by July (in Millions $)

Lebanon’s Balance of Payments Registered a 7.2M  Deficit by July 2018

Source: BDL

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