BDL’s Total Assets up by 14.84% to $135.8B by September 2018

The Central Bank’s (BDL’s) balance sheet posted a 14.84% year-to-date (y-t-d) increase in its total assets which stood at $135.80B by the end of September. The rise came on the back of a 3.66% y-t-d increase in Foreign assets (32.05% of total assets) to $43.52B by September 2018. Similarly, Loans to the local financial sector (20.51% of total) more than doubled, to reach $27.85B by September 2018, up from $12.73B in December 2017.  Moreover, BDL’s Securities portfolio (21.66% of total assets) recorded a marginal rise of 0.50% to stand at $29.42B by September 2018. Meanwhile, Gold reserves (grasping 8.04% of total) retreated by 8.77% y-t-d to $10.91B noting that the average gold prices decreased by 5.46% y-t-d to reach $1,197.52 per ounce in September 2018.

As for BDL’s liabilities, Financial sector deposits (83.64% of total liabilities) added 16.50% since year-start to stand at $113.58B by September 2018. Meanwhile, Public sector deposits (4.30% of the total) witnessed a decrease of 0.91%   y-t-d to $5.84B over the same period.

 Yearly levels of BDL’s Total Assets in September ($B)


Source: BDL

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