The Number of Kafalat Guarantees Down by 37.33% y-o-y by September 2018

According to Kafalat, the number of issued loan guarantees stood at 282 guarantees by September 2018, recording a yearly decline of 37.33% in the same period of 2017. The overall value of the guarantees also declined from $54.58M by September 2017 to $36.16M by September 2018.

In fact, the top three beneficiaries of Kafalat guarantees by September 2018 were the agricultural, industrial, and tourism sectors which grasped 38.3%, 36.52%, and 19.05%, respectively of total guarantees. Nonetheless, compared to last year, the number of Kafalat guarantees across the top sectors declined. In details, the guarantees to the agricultural sector decreased by 41.62% to 108 guarantee by September 2018, while the number of guarantees for the industrial and tourism sectors also declined by 30.41% and 39.56%  to 103 and 55 guarantees by September 2018, respectively.

Moreover, geographically, Mount Lebanon grasped the largest share of Kafalat loans in the by September 2018, with a stake of 43.26% of total guarantees, followed by the Bekaa, the North, and Nabatieh, with shares of 17.73%, 11.70%, and 9.57%.

In the region of Mount Lebanon, the number of guarantees dropped by 36.46% to 122 by September 2018, while the guarantees granted in the Bekaa and North region also witnessed a decrease by 42.53% and 21.43% to stand at 50 and 33 guarantees by September 2018, respectively.

Value and Number of Kafalat Guarantees Issued by September (in $M)


Source : Kafalat

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