BDL’s Balance Sheet’s Assets Grew Monthly by 1.97% to $143.37B in January 2019

The balance sheet of the Lebanese Central Bank, BDL, witnessed a 1.97% monthly increase in total assets to $143.37B in January 2019.

“Foreign assets”, constituting 27.39% of total assets, recorded a downtick by 0.99% from end of 2018, to $39.27B. Moreover, “Loans to the financial sector” (24.65% share of total assets), rose by 5.12% to $35.33B in the first month of 2019. In their turn, “Securities portfolio” (21.60% of the total assets) added 0.44% to reach $30.97B by January 2019.  As for the value of “Gold reserves” (8.51% of total assets), they grew by 3.69%, over the same period, to $12.20B, following the 3.13% monthly increase in international gold prices during January 2019.

On the liabilities side, “Financial sector deposits”, with a share of 85.18% of the total, increased monthly by 1.96% to $122.12B in January 2019. On the contrary, “Public sector deposits” (3.45% share of liabilities) declined by 1.55% from December 2018 to reach $4.95B in January this year.

BDL Foreign Assets by January

BDL’s Balance Sheet’s Assets Grew Monthly by 1.97% to 3.37B in January 2019

Source: BDL

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