Bank Audi S.A.E’s Profit Rose to $23.85M in Q1 2015

Bank Audi S.A.E, the bank’s Egyptian subsidiary, recorded a profit of $23.85 M in Q1 2015, a 63.18% year-on-year (y-o-y) increase. In detail, net interest income increased by 19.43% y-o-y to settle at $30.34M, while net income from fees and commission surged by 41.83% y-o-y to reach $8.69M.

As for total assets, they increased by an annualized 39.15% to $4.49B as loans and facilities to customers (constituting 38.16% of total assets) rose by 23.76% to $1.72B.

On the liabilities side, customers’ deposits (constituting 95.92% of total liabilities) and total shareholders’ equity registered yearly upturns of 41% and 21.02% to $4.01B and $313.81M respectively.

Bank Audi (S.A.E) Q1 2015 Financial Highlights

15-Mar 14-Mar % change

Customer’s Deposits

4,011.09 2,844.80 41.00%

Loans and Facilities to customers

1,715.65 1,386.25 23.76%
Total Assets 4,495.37 3,230.64


Net Profit 23.85 14.62


Shareholders’ Equity 313.81 259.30


Source: Company Data

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