Value of Kafalat Guarantees Slumped by 26.53% in the First Half of 2015

According to Kafalat figures, the number of issued guarantees in the first half of 2015 (H1 2015) reached 292 down from 443 in H1 2014. The value of the issued Kafalat guarantees also declined by 26.53% year-on-year to $41.88M in H1 2015. However, the average loan value per project grew from $128,666 in H1 2014 to $143,411 in H1 2015.

In terms of geographical allocation, the region that benefitted from the largest number of Kafalat guarantees is Mount Lebanon with a share of 42.81% followed by a share of 19.86% for Bekaa and 12.33% for the North.

The number of Kafalat guarantees issued in Mount Lebanon fell from 191 in H1 2014 to 125 in H1 2015 while the number of guarantees issued in the regions of Bekaa and the North also declined from 92 and 48 in H1 2014 to 58 and 36 in H1 2015, respectively.

In terms of sectorial allocation, the largest number of Kafalat guarantees was dedicated to the agricultural sector which grasped a stake of 47.95%, followed by a stake of 35.27% for the industrial sector and a 9.93% share for the tourism sector. In H1 2015, the number of guarantees issued for the agricultural sector, the industrial sector and the tourism sector all registered yearly declines of 35.48% to 140, 33.12% to 103 and 34.09% to 29, respectively.

Number of Issued Guarantees by Sector in the First Half of Each Year

Kafalat June 2015 Pic

Source: Kafalat



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