Lebanon ranked 63rd on the world’s “richest and poorest list”

According to the “Richest and Poorest Countries in the World for 2013” survey recently released by Global Finance Magazine (GFM) based on data gathered from IMF published reports, Qatar achieved the 1st spot over a total of 184 countries with a GDP (gross domestic product)  based on PPP (Purchasing-Power-Parity) per capita of $105,091. Luxembourg and Singapore followed with respective GDP per capita of $79,593 and $61,567. It is worth noting that these 3 countries have maintained the same ranking since 2010. On the other hand, the poorest countries in the world were the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Burundi with a GDP per capita of $394, $589 and $649, respectively.

When it comes to Lebanon, it ranked 63rd with a GDP per capita of $16,127 compared to previous rankings of 58th, 59th and 60th revealed in GFM’s reports in 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively. Thus, Lebanon stood 7th out of the 14 listed Arab countries. Besides Qatar topping the list, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait ranked 2nd and 3rd amongst Arab countries and 8th and 19th worldwide with a GDP per capita of $49,884 and $39,861, respectively. Notably, the poorest countries within the region were Yemen, Jordan and Egypt with a GDP per capita of $2,351, $6,199 and $6,653, respectively.

Comparative GDP Per Capita for Arab Countries in 2013


Source: Global Finance Magazine

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