BoB Invites its Shareholders to an Ordinary General Assembly

The board of directors of Bank of Beirut (BoB) invites its shareholders to a general assembly at the bank’s headquarters located in Foch Street, downtown Beirut. The meeting will take place on the 5th of May 2017 at 10:00 am and the key items, among others on the agenda aim to:

  • Approve the budget, profits, and losses of the year ended 31/12/2016.
  • Provide the Board of Directors the permits by articles 158 and 159 of the Commerce Law and article 152 of the Code of Money and Credit.
  • Allocate the bank’s profits of 2016.
  • Elect a new Board of Directors.
  • Assign auditors for the financial years 2017, 2018, and 2019.


Bank of Beirut Financial Highlights ($B)

  Dec.16 Dec-15 % change
Net Profits ($M) 198.62 186.63 +6.42%
Total Assets 17.21 16.15 +6.55%
Customers’ Deposits 12.31 11.96 +2.93%
Shareholders’ Equity 2.31 1.99 +15.99%
Net Loans and advances to customers 4.7 4.19 +12.24%

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)


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