Solidere GDRs Dropped to Below $10.00 on the LSE Yesterday

On the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Bank Audi Global Depository Receipts (GDR) gained 0.84% on Monday, to end the trading session at a price of $6.00 following the trade of 12,497 GDRs for a combined value of $74,892. On the other hand, Solidere GDRs lost 3% to fall below the $10.00 mark for the first time since 2005 at $9.70. In the traded details, 1,000 Solidere GDRs were traded for a combined value of $9,700. Meanwhile, BLOM Bank and Byblos Bank GDRs traded for no change in price.

GDRsLast Price ($)Previous Price ($)% ChangeVolumeValue ($)
BLOM GDR9.609.60 – –
Audi GDR6.005.950.84%12,49774,982
Byblos GDR75.0075.00 – –  –
Solidere GDR9.7010.00-3.00%1,0009,700

Source: Reuters

Closing Date: 19 October 2015



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