Banque BEMO Recorded $10.32M in Net Income by Q3 2015

Banque BEMO reported a 15.40% annual increase in net income to $10.32M. This increase was primarily due to a $2.72M write-back of provisions and an 11.77% y-o-y decrease in administrative expenses to $7.01M. The bank’s net financial revenues displayed a slight 1.82% drop to $28.80M on the back of a 2.44% yearly decline in net interest income to $18.11M by end-September, 2015.

Regarding the balance sheet on the liabilities side, customers’ deposits at amortized cost increased by 9.62% y-t-d to attain $1.29B, thereby leading the 8.57% increase in total footings over the same period to $1.60B. Meanwhile, net loans and advances to customers gained 8.01% since the start of 2015 to $693.79M.

Shareholders’ equity experienced an upturn of 3.26% over the first three quarters of 2015 to a value of $131.47M.


Banque BEMO’s Financial Results ($M)

Sept 30, 2015Dec 31, 2014% change
Customers Deposits1,288.561,175.469.62%
Loans and Facilities to Customers693.79642.338.01%
Total Assets1,602.171,475.678.57%
Shareholders’ Equity131.47127.323.26%
Net Profit 10.328.95*15.40%
* September 2014


Source: BEMO Bank

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