BoB Net Income Stood at $138.02M By Q3 2015

Bank of Beirut (BoB) witnessed a 12.03% annual rise in its net income over the first nine months of the year to $138.02M. This increase can be traced back to the 41.42% surge in net income from securities at fair value through profit and loss (FVTPL) to $50.40M, since net interest income and net fee and commission income registered small gains of 2.18% and 2.16% y-o-y to respective values of $170.37M and $58.00M.

Total liabilities and shareholder equity increased by 10.10% y-t-d to $15.39B, as customer deposits totaled $11.31B, up from $10.28B at the start of the year. On the asset side, loans and advances to customers also improved by 1.56% to $4.10B.

Shareholders’ equity gained 13.43% to $1.99B over the first nine months of the year.

BoB common shares closed on Friday at $18.40. Based on the released financials, earnings per common share stood at LBP 2,903 and earnings per preferred share reached LBP 4,213.

BoB’s Financial Results ($B)

 Sept 30, 2015Dec 31, 2014% change
Customers Deposits11.3110.2810.45%
Loans and Facilities to Customers4.104.031.56%
Total Assets15.3913.9710.10%
Shareholders’ Equity 1.991.7613.43%
Net Profit ($M)138.02123.19*12.03%
* September 2014

Source: BSE News

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