Net Profit of Alpha Banks Increased by 8.60% y-o-y to $1.41B by September

The Alpha Group’s balance sheet showed that the 4.10% annual rise in the value of loans to customers to $61.12B lifted total assets by a yearly 6.19% to $199.61B by end September. The value of the Alpha Group’s total portfolio of securities increased by a yearly 8.18% to $62.90B by September on account of higher exposure to Lebanese Treasury Bills in Lebanese Pounds and BDL Certificate of Deposits in Lebanese Pounds.

On the liabilities side, customer deposits registered a 5.59% yearly upturn to $165.18B by September 2015 and total shareholders’ equity increased by 6.48% to $16.12B.

 According to Bank Data, the net profits of Alpha Banks rose by 8.60% y-o-y to reach $1.41B by September. Domestic net profit also increased by 5.30% to reach $1.19B by September, compared to $1.13B in the same period in 2014. The Alpha group’s net interest income grew by 6.37% y-o-y to $2.60B by September and the group’s net fee & commission income also experienced growth by 2.67% y-o-y to $653M during the same period.

The number of branches increased from 1,181 by September 2014 to 1,222 in 2015. The number of Alpha Group’s domestic branches expanded from 788 in 2014 to 806 in 2015 and the number of branches abroad also rose from 393 to 416 during the same period.

Assets of Top Ranking Banks

 Sept 2014Sept 2015Change

Source: Bank Data



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