Real Estate Sector Pushed Up the Lebanese Bourse Today

As the real estate sector showed improving performance on Thursday, the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) increased by 0.49% to 1,130.56 points. In details, Solidere shares class “A” and “B” went up by 4.17% and 3.69% to close the session at respective quotes of $9.50 and $9.28. In the banking sector, Byblos listed shares and preferred shares 2009 as well as the GDRs of BLOM lost 0.62%, 1.56% and 0.73% to settle at $1.61, $100.90 and $9.50, respectively. Meanwhile, BLOM listed shares and Audi preferred shares class “G” traded with no change in price.

Traded StocksLast ($)Previous ($)ChangeVolumeVwap ($)
Solidere (A)9.509.124.17%7,9579.46
Solidere (B)9.288.953.69%1,4639.28
BLOM GDR9.509.57-0.73%107,5009.51
BLOM Listed9.409.401,5819.40
Byblos Listed1.611.62-0.62%2,8541.61
Byblos Pref 2009100.90102.50-1.56%312100.90
Audi Pref G102.00102.00500102.00

LastPrevious ChangeY-t-D  Change
Val $1,212,815 $1,668,206-27.30%

LastPrevious Change
Val $82,481 $162,765













































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