BLOM Bond Index Extends Losses on Tuesday

The BLOM Bond Index (BBI) shed 0.13% to 102.46 points on Tuesday as lower demand was registered for medium and mostly long-term Lebanese Eurobonds. The yield on the Lebanese Eurobonds maturing in ten years rose by 3 basis points (bps) to 6.90%. As for the yield on the 5 Year Lebanese Eurobonds, it decreased by 2 bps to 6.51%. The 5Y yield spread between the Lebanese Eurobonds and their US comparable widened by 2 bps to 485 bps as did Lebanon’s 5Y Credit Default Swaps (CDS) from a range of 401-431 bps to a range of 403-433 bps.


 LastPrevious ChangeY-t-D Change
Weighted Yield6.44%6.41%3 bps 
Duration (Years)5.115.13   
5Y Bond Yield6.51%6.53%-2bps 
5Y Spread*4854832bps 
10Y Bond Yield6.90%6.87%3bps 
10Y Spread*4664615bps 

*Between Lebanese and U.S notes

 PriceYield Yield Change (in bps)
Nov. 20161004.75%-25
Mar. 2017104.55.42%16
Oct. 201799.135.49%7
Jun. 2018995.57%0
Nov. 201898.755.61%0
Apr. 201998.55.99%17
May. 201999.256.24%24
Mar. 20201006.37%0
Apr. 202097.756.39%0
Apr. 2021107.386.60%-8
Oct. 2022976.65%0
Jan. 202396.256.66%-2
Nov. 2024976.70%0
Dec. 2024101.56.77%4
Feb. 202595.756.83%4
Jun. 202595.756.86%4
Nov. 2026977.00%3
Nov. 202797.257.09%8
Nov. 2028967.13%6
Feb. 203094.57.27%0
Nov. 2035977.34%2




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