Lebanon Ranked 138th on the Global Gender Gap Index 2015

According to the 2015 edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index, Lebanon ranked 138th out of 145 countries. With this rank, Lebanon earned a score of 0.598, whereby 0 represents complete gender inequality and 1 represents complete equality.

Lebanon, along with Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Brunei, scored the lowest in terms of political empowerment, where only 3% of the gender gap has been covered. The gender gap is also very pronounced in Lebanon in the fields of economic participation and opportunity. Lebanon ranked 138 on the Labor Force Participation sub-index and on the estimated earned income sub-index.

However, the gender gap is the most resorbed in Lebanon in terms of education as the country ranked first on enrolment in secondary and tertiary education. 

Global Gender Gap Ranks and Scores in the MENA Region

Middle East and North Africa
Country Overall Rank Overall Score
Israel 53 0.712
Kuwait 117 0.646
United Arab Emirates 119 0.646
Qatar 122 0.645
Bahrain 123 0.644
Tunisia 127 0.634
Algeria 128 0.632
Mauritania 132 0.613
Saudi Arabia 134 0.605
Oman 135 0.604
Egypt 136 0.599
Lebanon 138 0.598
Morocco 139 0.593
Jordan 140 0.593
Syria 143 0.568
Yemen 145 0.484

Source: The World Economic Forum

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