Only BLOM and Solidere GDRs Were Traded on the LSE on Friday

On the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the GDR shares of Solidere gained 0.93% to $10.90, with 600 shares being traded with a value of $6,540, on Friday. 12,013 BLOM GDRs worth $114,724 were traded, during the same session, where their price dropped 1.04% to $9.55. Audi GDRs and Byblos GDRs, were not traded and maintained their prices at $5.92 and $75, respectively.

GDRsLast Price ($)Previous Price ($)% ChangeVolumeValue ($)
BLOM GDR9.559.65-1.04%12,013114,724
Audi GDR5.925.92 –– 
Byblos GDR75.0075.00 ––  
Solidere GDR10.9010.800.93%6006,540

Source: Reuters

Closing Date: 27 November 2015

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