Beirut Stock Exchange Experienced Heavy Trade on Tuesday

Even though trading activity on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) revealed substantial progress, the Lebanese bourse ended Tuesday’s session in the red as 6 out of the 11 traded stocks saw their prices declining. In details, 206,740 shares worth $2.22M were traded today, compared to 75,459 shares worth $678,296 yesterday. However, the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) was not able to sustain its gains, dropping 0.71% to 1,159.21 points.

In the real estate sector, Solidere shares classes “A” and “B” lost 3.05% and 2.64% to $10.82 and $10.71, respectively.

In the banking sector, the preferred shares of Byblos 2008 and 2009 added 0.10% each to $101.10 and $101, respectively. Similarly, Audi preferred shares class “F” gained 0.10% to close today’s session at $101.50.

In contrast, BLOM listed, GDRs, and preferred shares 2011 lost 0.53%, 0.52% and 0.10% to $9.40, $9.55, and 10.15, respectively. Byblos listed shares dropped 0.61% to $1.63.

As for Bank of Beirut listed shares and Audi listed shares, they were traded with no change in price.

Traded StocksLastPreviousChangeVolumeVwap
Solidere (A)$10.82$11.16-3.05%61,052$10.98
Solidere (B)$10.71$11.00-2.64%13,791$10.93
BLOM Listed$9.40$9.45-0.53%9,927$ 9.40
BLOM GDR$9.55$9.60-0.52%35,000$9.56
BLOM Pref 2011$10.15$10.16-0.10%20,201$10.15
Audi Listed$5.94$5.940.00%59,289$5.92
Audi Pref “F”$101.50$101.400.10%1,746$101.50
Byblos Listed$1.63$1.64-0.61%70$1.63
Byblos Pref 08$101.10$101.000.10%1,455$101.10
Byblos Pref 09$101.00$ 100.900.10%209$101.00
Bank of Beirut Listed$18.40$18.400.00%4,000$18.40


0LastPreviousChangeY-t-D Change


Value$             550,550 


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