The Value of Kafalat Guarantees Dropped to $84.97M by November 2015

The number and value of guarantees given by Kafalat declined by 22.49% and 17.73% in the first 11 months of 2015 to 796 worth $84.97M, respectively, compared to 796 guarantees worth $103.28M by November 2014. The average value per loan increased from $129,750 by November 2014 to $137,717 over the same period this year.

Although remaining in the top benefiting sectors from Kafalat guarantees, Agriculture (47.49%), Industry (35.98%), and Tourism (10.05%) saw their guarantees decrease from 384, 280 and 89 by November 2014 to 293, 222, and 62 guarantees, respectively.

As for the regional breakdown, Mount Lebanon kept grasping the majority of guarantees with a 37.93% share (234 guarantees) followed by Bekaa with a 21.39% share or 132 guarantees, the South of Lebanon with a 12.97% share or 80 guarantees, and the North of Lebanon with a 12.80% share or 79 guarantees.

In the month of November alone, Kafalat actually issued 64 guarantees worth $7.79M compared to 66 guarantees worth $9.56M in November 2014. Accordingly, the average value per project decreased from $149,673 in November 2014 to $121,697 this year.


Number of Guarantees by Sector up to October

The Value of Kafalat Guarantees Dropped to .97M by November 2015

Source: Kafalat



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