Taste for Variety and Health-Consciousness Driving the Lebanese F&B Industry

Lebanon is endowed with many assets that allow for its food and drink industry to thrive. Lebanese consumers are liberal and have a taste for variety and novelty products and therefore can easily lure foreign companies into the Lebanese market. Moreover, Lebanon has a high proportion of skilled labor compared to other countries in the region. Lebanon’s climate also allows it to be one of the most agriculturally productive in the region. The drinks’ segment holds great potential for both sub-sectors of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. The alcoholic segment, led by the wine-sub-sector, benefits from the local producers’ long history and reputation as well as the widespread Lebanese diaspora which creates export opportunities. As for the soft drinks segment it will reap the benefits of the rise in health consciousness amongst consumers…

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Taste for Variety and Health Consciousness Driving the Lebanese F&B Industry

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