BDL’s Total Assets Expanded by 6.07% Yearly to $90.90B in 2015

The Central Bank’s (BDL) balance sheet revealed an increase of 6.07% annually in total assets to $90.90B by End-December 2015.

Foreign assets, constituting 40.80% of total assets, inched down by 2.04% year-on-year (y-o-y) to $37.09B. Meanwhile, the value of gold reserves (10.83% of total assets) downturned by 10.07% yearly to $9.85B, following the 11.84% fall in international gold prices during the year. Moreover, securities portfolio (19.84% of the total asset) surged by 29.01% y-o-y to $18.03B probably from the BDL subscription of Eurobond issuance in February.  Furthermore, loans to financial sector (5.53% share of total assets) gained 19.06% y-o-y to $5.02B in 2015.

In the liabilities section, financial sector deposits expanded by 10.06% annually to $74.28B by End-December, contributing to 81.71% of the total liabilities. In addition, the public sector deposits (5.95% share of total assets) witnessed a decrease of 10.63% yearly to $5.41B, over the same period.

BDL’s Total Assets by December (in $B)

BDL’s Total Assets Expanded by 6.07% Yearly to $90.90B in 2015

Source: BDL



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