Euro Down Against the Dollar on Tuesday

At 16:07 Beirut time, the Euro was quoted at €/$ 1.0849, the equivalent of €/LBP 1,635.49, depreciating against the US Dollar by 0.09%.

The dollar continued to gain ground against the euro on Tuesday as data continues to point to a healthy  and recovering US labor market.  

Locally, the Lebanese Pound steadied versus the Dollar at $/LP 1,510.5-1,514.5 with a mid-price of $/LP 1,512.5.

Compared to the pool of currencies of Lebanon’s major trading partners, the purchasing power of the Lebanese Pound increased as reflected by the NEER, published by BLOMINVEST, which ticked up by 0.18% to 169.34 points today.

Euro Down Against the Dollar on Tuesday

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