Lebanese Jewelry Industry: Radiant yet Opaque

Jewelry has been lustrous, having unfathomable significance in different cultures. It has been cherished not only for its ornamental worth, but also for its use as a form of wealth, expression, and body modification. Besides, precious stones and gems were worn as amulets to ward off negative energy.

The jewelry industry has a long history in Lebanon. Jewelry designers have been passing their know-how from one generation to the next, engraving their names around the globe. Lebanese jewelers have thrived throughout the world, becoming the country’s ambassadors. Not only do international celebrities wear Lebanese jewelry, but also, the Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, was adorned on her wedding day in a bespoke necklace made of rose gold set with diamonds and pearls designed by House of Tabbah.

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Lebanese Jewelry Industry – Radiant yet Opaque



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