Value of Industrial Exports Fell by 6.2% in 2015

According to data released by the Ministry of Industry, the value of industrial exports registered $2.96B by December 2015, down by 6.2% from 2014 and by 12.7% from 2013.

In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, Lebanese industrial exports amounted to $706.3M, revealing a decrease of 7.3% compared to the fourth quarter of 2014. Machinery and electrical appliances were the main industrial exports over Q4 2015, amounting to $158.2M, followed by food products with $122.5M, and products of the chemical industry worth $120.2M.

Arab countries remained the main customers of Lebanese Industrialists in the fourth quarter of 2015, grasping 55.9% of total exports, followed by European countries with 15.3% and African non-Arab countries with 13.7%. Saudi Arabia was on top of the exporting countries with a total export value of $87.4M (12.4% of total exports), followed by UAE and Iraq with total export values of $81M (11.5% of total exports) and $53.4M (7.6% of total exports), respectively.

Monthly Industrial Exports in 2015 and Yearly Growth

Value of Industrial Exports Fell by 6.2% in 2015Source: Ministry of Industry

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