BLOM Listed Shares Lost 5.66% on Ex-dividend Day

BLOM listed shares witnessed a negative performance today on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) as the stock lost 5.66% to end the session at $10.01. This mainly resulted from the ex-dividend date of BLOM shares taking place today, on the 18th of April, as of which new shareholders are no longer entitled to 2015’s dividends. A dividend amount of LBP 1,250 ($0.83) will be paid to common holders of listed shares. This came after BLOM Bank’s unaudited financial statements revealed a 10.93% yearly surge in net profits to $404.66M, at end of 2015.

The listed shares of BLOM witnessed a positive performance over the past year as the stock price inched up by 5.53%, from $9.76 in Q1 2015 to $10.3 in Q1 2016.

52-Week Trend of BLOM Listed Shares by March 2016

BLOM Listed Shares Lost 5.66% on Ex-dividend Day

Source: BLOMINVEST Research Department

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