The BLOM Stock Index Ticked Down by 0.02% on Wednesday

The Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) witnessed a negative performance today, as the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) ticked down by 0.02% to 1,155.04 points following the trade of 882,963 shares worth $5.84M.

In the real estate sector, Solidere “A” and “B” shares lost 0.60% and 0.10% to converge to the same price of $9.91. In the banking sector, BLOM and Bank Audi’s listed shares added 0.20% and 0.51% to $10.12 and $5.90, respectively. However, Byblos listed shares and BLOM’s GDRs shares lost 1.23% and 0.29% to $1.61 and $10.30, respectively. Meanwhile, Byblos preferred 09 shares, Bank Audi’s GDRs and preferred H shares traded without any change in price.

In the industrial sector, Holcim shares inched up by 2.35% to $15.25.

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