Lebanon’s Gross Public Debt Rose to $71.65B by April

According to the Ministry of Finance, Lebanon’s Gross Public Debt reached $71.65B by April 2016, up by 3.16% from April 2015 and 1.91% since year-start.

Gross domestic debt amounted to $44.02B by April and by that registered a 4.77% year-on-year increase while foreign currency debt reached $27.64B rising by a yearly 0.69%.

Net public debt, which excludes public sector deposits at commercial banks and the Central Bank, totaled $62.52B and rose by an annual 5.85%.

Lebanon’s debt burden, one of the highest in the world, has been consistently growing as a percentage of GDP and therefore needs to be reset on a more sustainable path.

Gross Public Debt by April

Lebanon’s Gross Public Debt Rose to $71.65B by April

Source: Ministry of Finance

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