Bank BEMO’s Net Profits Rose by 0.61% to $10.4M

Bank BEMO’s net profits marginally rose by 0.61% year-on-year by the third quarter of 2016, to $10.40M. In details, the bank’s net interest income and net fee and commission increased by 8.24% and 9.92% annually, to $19.60M and $4.40M, respectively.

On the balance sheet, total assets broadened 5.53% year-to-date (y-t-d) to $1.71B end of Q3 2016, where net loans and advances to customers at amortized costs added 5% to $708M.

On the liabilities side, customers’ deposits added 1.81% y-t-d to $1.32B by September 2016.

As for total equity, it grew 3.31% since end of 2015, to $139M by September 2016.

Bank BEMO financials by Q3 2016 ($M)

 Sep-16Dec-15% change
Net Profit10.410.3*0.61%
Total Assets1,7111,6215.53%
Customer Deposits1,3171,2931.81%
Shareholders’ Equity1391353.31%
Loans and Advances to customers7086745.00%

*September 2015

Source: BSE

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