Lucid Investment Corporation: From Financial Institution to Specialized Bank

According to Midlcear, the Central Bank of Lebanon just approved the transformation of Lucid Investment Corporation from a financial institution into a specialized bank.

According to Lucid’s website, “the Company was established in 2003 as a specialized corporate financial advisory firm offering high-end financial advisory and management consulting services to medium size businesses in the Middle East & Africa region.”

The corporation will now be enlisted amongst Lebanese banks under the name of Lucid Investment Bank S.A.L and under the number 142. Midclear announced it has received the shareholders’ records of the new bank.  

Details of Lucid Investment Bank S.A.L’s Nominal Ordinary Shares

Issuer and Member Code142
ISIN CodeLB0000034514
Security NameLucid Investment Bank S.A.L – Not listed
Capital in LBP30,000,000,000
Quantity of Shares300,000
Par Value per Share in LBP100,000

Source: Midclear


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