Total BDL Assets Reached $103.58B in Mid- February 2017

According to the balance sheet of the Lebanese Central Bank (BdL), total assets grew by 0.83% to $103.58B in mid- February, compared to $102.73B mid-January.

Foreign assets (39.51% of total assets) and gold reserves (10.92% of the total assets) revealed respective increases of 0.74% and 2.45% between mid-January 2016 and Mid-February of 2017 to $40.93B and $11.31B. Nonetheless, securities’ portfolio (24.52% of the total assets) registered a 1.46% fall over the same period to reach $25.40B by mid-February 2017.

Moreover, loans to the local financial sector (6.08% share of total assets), they dropped by a monthly 1.58% to $6.30B in mid-February 2017.

On the liabilities side, financial sector deposits, grasping an 80.25% share of the total, marginally fell by 0.24% during the same period to $83.12B. Public sector deposits (6.72% of total liabilities) rose by 7.79% to reach $6.96B in mid-February- 2017.

BDL’s Total Assets in mid-February (in $B)

Total BDL Assets Reached 3.58B in Mid- February 2017

Source: BDL


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