Kafalat Guarantees Down in Volume and Value by February 2017

According to Kafalat statistics, the number and value of issued loan guarantees stood at 96 and $11.66M by February 2017 compared to 118 guarantees worth $17.76M issued by February 2016.

Over the same period, the ensuing average loan value per project also declined from $150,508 to $121,426.

In terms of geographical allocation, Mount Lebanon accounted for 39.58% of all issued Kafalat guarantees, followed by 23.96% for the Bekaa and 14.58% for the South.

In Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa region, the number of issued guarantees stood respectively at 38  and 23 in the first two months of 2017 compared to 46 and 33 in the same period in 2016. In the South however 14 guarantees were issued by February 2017 compared to 12 by February 2016.

The sector which benefited from the largest number of Kafalat guarantees was the agricultural sector with a share of 46.88% of total issued guarantees followed by shares of 27.08% and 17.71% for the industrial and tourism sectors, respectively.

The number of issued guarantees for the agriculture, industrial and tourism sectors amounted to 45, 26 and 17 by February 2017 down from 54, 41 and unchanged from 17 by February 2016.

Volume and Value of Kafalat Guarantees by February

Kafalat Guarantees Down in Volume and Value by February 2017

Source: Kafalat




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