Bank Audi Announced Upcoming Dividend Distribution

The Beirut Stock Exchange recently released the below official statement on behalf of Bank Audi:

“In its meeting held on March 20, 2017, the Board of Directors of Bank Audi sal resolved to propose to the Annual Ordinary General Assembly the distribution of a dividend of LBP 753.75 per common share.

Subject to the General Assembly’s approval, such dividends will be paid, after deduction of applicable taxes, on or about April 18, 2017 to holders of common shares as at April 13, 2017 (Record Date), according to the records of Midclear S.A.L (The Central Depository).”

Bank Audi’s 2016 Financials, In Billions of USD unless otherwise stated

Dec-16Dec-15% change
Net Profits ($M)470.11403.1416.6%
Total Assets44.442.25.2%
Customers’ Deposits35.4235.150.8%
Shareholders’ Equity3.793.2915.2%
Net Loans and Advances to Customers17.217.72-2.93%

Source: Bank Audi, Beirut Stock Exchange

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