Financial Results of the Four Largest Listed Lebanese Banks for Q1 2017: Steady Performance and Notable Profitability Ratios

BankNet Profit

($ Million)

ROAcE (%)ROAA (%)Cost-to-Income (%)
Bank of Beirut50.2411.011.1844.11


The non-audited financial results of the four largest listed Lebanese banks – BLOM Bank, Bank Audi, Bank of Beirut, and Byblos Bank — for Q1 2017 reveal notable profitability ratios and financial strength, despite the economic slowdown in Lebanon and political instability in the region. The main reasons behind this performance are the banks’ cautious credit and investment policies and the profitability at their domestic and foreign operations. Combined net profit for the four banks grew to $301.21 million in Q1 2017, up by 1.78% from the same period in 2016.

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Financial Results of the Four Largest Lebanese Banks for Q1 2017

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