Beirut Hotels’ Occupancy Rate at 63.4% by April 2017

The political and security stability in the country is still favouring higher leisure and tourism activities in the country. According to E&Y’s Middle East Hotel Benchmark Survey, Beirut’s hotel occupancy rate increased significantly from 54.8% by April 2016 to 63.4% by April 2017.

The average room rate increased from $136 by April 2016 to $142 by April 2017 while the room yield rose from $75 to $90 over the same period.

In the month of April alone, the occupancy rate of Beirut hotels also increased from 55.6% in April 2016 to 68.8% in April 2017.

In April 2017, Muscat’s hotels witnessed an increase in occupancy of 7.7% when compared to the same period last year.  According to the EY Report, “this may be attributed to spring break and Easter where expats from neighboring countries consider Muscat to be an ideal short getaway”.

The EY report also attributed the increase in Doha’s hotel occupancy from 65.6% in April 2016 to 74.0% in April 2017 to the “Qatar Airways offer for transit travelers who get to enjoy a free night hotel stay at a four or five star hotel if they choose to spend the night.”

The Arabian Travel Market exhibition and the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference also boosted Dubai’s hospitality market with hotel occupancy rates rising by 5.1% year-on-year to 88.00% in April 2017.

Monthly Hotel Occupancy Rate of Beirut Hotels

Beirut Hotels’ Occupancy Rate at 63.4% by April 2017

Source: E&Y Middle East Hotel Benchmark Survey





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