Cedrus Invest Bank S.A.L Increases Capital to $224.15M

According to a statement released by Midclear, Cedrus Invest Bank increased its capital on 21/06/2017 through the issuance of new nominal ordinary shares.

The bank increased its capital from LBP 319,032,834,975 ($211.63M) to LBP 337,913,260,650 ($224.15M) through the issuance of 16,983 nominal ordinary shares with a nominal value per share of LBP 1,111,725 ($737.46/share).

Cedrus Invest’s ordinary shares totaled 303,954 shares and are traded over the counter.

Characteristics of Cedrus Bank S.A.L Capital Increase

Increase in capital$12.52M
Number of nominal shares issued16,983
Capital after issuance$224.15M
Midclear execution date21/06/2017

Source: Midclear

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