Middle East Airlines and the Aviation Industry: 2017 in Review

Economic development worldwide is getting a significant boost from air transport. This wider economic benefit is being generated by increasing connections between cities – enabling the flow of goods, people, capital, technology and ideas – and falling air transport costs.

The number of unique city-pair connections is estimated to have exceeded 20,000 this year, more than double the connectivity by air twenty years ago. The price of air transport for users continues to fall, after adjusting for inflation. Compared to twenty years ago real transport costs have more than halved.
(IATA, 2017 end-of-year review).

This study explores the key events of 2017 that shaped the global aviation industry.

In this context, the report explores and analyses the latest developments implemented by the Middle East Airlines (MEA) on multiple fronts, to keep up with the 2017 global trends in the aviation industry, maintain the business’s sustainability, and expand its operations to meet the changing demands of consumers.

The main sections of the study are as follows:

  • The Global Aviation Industry
  • In Focus: The Lebanese Middle East Airlines (MEA)
  • 2018 Outlook: MEA Christmas Specials, Airport Expansion, More Flights

For the full (original) report in PDF format, kindly click below:

Middle East Airlines and the Aviation Industry 2017 in Review

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