Tourist Arrivals Up by an annual 2.97% by February 2018

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the total number of tourist arrivals to Lebanon increased by an annual 2.97% to 221,695 tourists by February 2018.

While Arab tourists used to represent the largest number of tourists visiting Lebanon, they are now matched by European tourists. In fact, the number of Arab tourists constituted 34.29% of total tourist arrivals to Lebanon by February 2018 while the number of European tourists accounted for 34.24%. American tourists came in third place with a share of 13.83% in the total number of tourist arrivals.

The number of Arab tourists declined by an annual 6.75% to reach 76,014 tourists in the first two months of 2018. The decline came on the back of a 12.97% annual drop in the number of Iraqi tourists to 32,407. Saudi tourists also registered a 29.17% annual downturn to reach 6,009 by February 2018.

Meanwhile, the number of European tourists registered a double-digit growth of 12.88% to 75,908 by February 2018. It is worth noting that most of the European countries detailed by the Ministry of Tourism show a decline in the number of visitors except for the number of Turkish tourists which saw their number rise by a yearly 0.85% to 4,859 by February 2018.  

By February 2018, the number of American tourists also increased by a yearly 6.77% amounted to 30,655 by February 2018.

Total Number of Tourist Arrivals by February

Tourist Arrivals Up by an annual 2.97% by February 2018

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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